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Money-saving technology helps you slash your business phone bill


How do you cut your phone bill without cutting your phone quality? Cloud Phone has the answer.

If you're like most businesses, it's rare that everyone will be on the phone at the same time. So with Line Pooling you can share a number of digital phone lines between all your staff and office locations. Why pay to have a separate line 'per user' if you don't really need it?

Line Pooling is an exclusive feature only available with Cloud Phone.



Work smarter - not harder - with powerful features that supercharge your business productivity


Cloud Phone - Call hold and transfer

Call Hold / Transfer

Managing multiple calls at the same time? Place callers on hold, or transfer to another department or staff member.


Cloud Phone - Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email

Check your voicemail anywhere, anytime. Voicemail messages are automatically sent to your email as (.WAV) audio files.


Cloud Phone - Time of Day Routing feature

Time-of-Day Routing

Control how after-hours calls are handled. Setup automatic rules to divert calls to mobile, voicemail or another office.


Cloud Phone - Business line on your mobile

Mobile Business Line

Don't miss calls while you're out of office. Use the app to make and receive calls on your business number via your personal mobile.


Cloud Phone - 3 Way Calling feature

3-Way Calling

Bring your team together at the touch of a button, from your app or desk phone. Easily add an extra participant to your active call. 

Cloud Phone - DIY web and app based management

DIY Management

You're in control. Update user settings, call routing rules and feature configurations - all without having to call IT. Log in online or via the app.



Big business features. Now at a small business price.


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